Session using Conscious Breath | Session using Conscious Breath

Proper conscious breathing allows us to get rid of even the most persistent pain in just five minutes without any painkillers, which often have a detrimental effect on our health.

Practicing the breath longer helps to heal the most long-standing disease patterns acquired as a result of long-term stress.

The breath relaxes the body and mind, as a result of which we ourselves become calmer, regardless of the stressful situations at work, at school or in private life. In addition, breathing sessions support concentration, help to cope perfectly in difficult life situations.

These sessions also help maintain a high level of vitality even at a later age, which in turn helps us maintain a youthful, radiant appearance for many years.

Beata, The transformation you are carrying out on me is one of the most beautiful moments that a person can imagine. The feelings during this moment are amazing, as if I was moving to another better dimension, despite the fact that the body is in the same place, my soul wanders and enjoys being transformed. It’s just a massage for my soul.
During the transformation, my body becomes limp and light that I always fall on the chair, because at that moment miracles happen, then I always feel blissful.
Each time the problems I faced were solved in a way that was convenient for me. Thanks to these transformations, not only my life has changed for the better, but I have also become a better and more beautiful person. Beatka, I am very grateful that I met you, you are a walking Angel on this earth, who wholeheartedly wants to help everyone, and all this to make the world better and more beautiful.”