Session Using Conscious Breath

If we put two hands together, we can easily feel the energy gently vibrating between them. You can also clearly notice the warmth that emanates from the inside of the hand. All this proves that healing energy flows through our hands. Thanks to this, the touch on both sides of the diseased place heals everything that is between them.
The proof of this was Jesus himself, who every time he healed, he placed both hands on the sick person, which can be seen in the film “Jesus the Healer”.
His energy flowed through the pathologically changed places in the patient’s body, resulting in instant miraculous healings.

Session of healing long-standing emotional pain and strong states of anxiety depression.
The method of feeling inner emotional pain combined with Conscious Breathing is the most effective of all methods I know in healing from emotional pain from the past, post-traumatic stress and anxiety depression.

“Beata, The transformation you are carrying out on me is one of the most beautiful moments that a person can imagine. The feelings during this moment are amazing, as if I was moving to another better dimension, despite the fact that the body is in the same place, my soul wanders and enjoys being transformed. It's just a massage for my soul. During the transformation, my body becomes limp and light that I always fall on the chair, because at that moment miracles happen, then I always feel blissful. Each time the problems I faced were solved in a way that was convenient for me. Thanks to these transformations, not only my life has changed for the better, but I have also become a better and more beautiful person. Beatka, I am very grateful that I met you, you are a walking Angel on this earth, who wholeheartedly wants to help everyone, and all this to make the world better and more beautiful."