Session Travels in Time and Space

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Based on the research conducted by Dr. David R. Hawkins himself, we are able to move in time and space using the supernatural abilities to leave the body that every human being has.
Mentally, we are able to travel in time, up to the very moment of birth, and when necessary, even to past incarnations, in order to find the cause of disease patterns resulting from frequent genetic disorders in the DNA chain, such as diseases of the Central nervous system, cancer, Hashimoto’s and other inherited diseases.
This session also helps in getting rid of long-standing disputes in interpersonal relationships as well as financial shortcomings.

  • Zwiększenie przepływów finansowych oraz ogólnej obfitości.
  • Usuwanie tak zwanych klątw rodowych.
  • Możliwość zjednoczenia się ze swoim wyższym Ja.
  • Odkrycie wewnętrznej mądrości
  • Usuwanie traum z przeszłości.
  • Uzdrawianie genetycznie uwarunkowanych chorób.
  • Poprawa relacji w związkach partnerskich.

“I don't know how to express my gratitude. During the Transformation, I felt an overwhelming warmth, my body became light and my back pain subsided. Wow, it's a wonderful feeling to be healed in a few minutes. Thank you Ola”